White Merlot
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Merlot Bianco

White Merlot, a new elegant white wine from Merlot grapes vinified off the skins.

Wikipedia under "white Merlot" says: "White Merlot wine is made the same way as White Zinfandel. In the US, it is therefore a "blush" wine, with a bit of sweetness.


Starting from an older tradition in Friuli, Italy, we have developed a totally different and original concept: no sweet and pink, but white, dry, and high class.

Technically, Foffani dry White Merlot is completely white in color, with the complexity of a dry white wine from Friuli and the strength to evolve positively in the bottle for several years, like a red one. Grapes are harvested at full technological and phenolic maturity, but before final cellular maturity to control extraction of red color from the skins. No chemical clarifiers used.


This original vinification generates new interesting sensations: the wine perfume is fruity and floral, with a distinctive recall of rose fragrances; the color is pale and delicate, and the body harmonic and pleasant, with a touch of salinity typical of our production area. Persistence of taste is remarkable.


This new, original dry white wine is elegant as an aperitif, a good companion of light dishes, like pasta and fish, and particularly interesting with row fish or with all kinds of spicy plates. To be served at 10° C temperature ( 40° F )










Azienda Agricola Foffani is located in Clauiano, Friuli region, East of Venice. It belongs to our family since 1600, and has documented wine production since 1789. The house and its surrounding rural buildings are protected by the Italian Ministry of fine arts, as an example of local architecture preceding Venetian villas. The vineyards are located just nearby, behind the park. The village belongs to the special group of the most beautiful rural villages of Italy.
The visitor can taste our high quality wines in the agriturismo Antico Cantinone, spend a few nights and relax at our B&B Casa Antica Mosaici and visit our permanent exhibition I Colori del Vino.
Groups are welcome for guided tours to the cellars.
Our wine production has been renovated in the last years with the creation of the original and very successful dry White Merlot, a high class blanc de noir already sold locally, in Europe, Asia and America ( #drywhitemerlot ). Part of our portfolio are also Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Riserva, as well as the indigenous Friulano and Refosco and other wines with minor quantities.
Our wines are available for purchase at the farm premises, are distributed in several world markets

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