The medieval village of Clauiano, belonging to the group of the most beautiful villages of Italy,

was rebuilt at the end of XVI century, after an invasion by Turks.


The three original groups of houses, around Saint George church, the corner of Saint Martin and the angle of Piazza Giulia, have expanded in the XVIII century to reach the structure of today’s village, centred around Piazza Giulia, originally a little lake formed by rainwater coming from the various streets.


A new urban restyling has enhanced the beauty of the stone arches of the ancient gates, that open to internal charming courtyards, worth exploring thanks to the hospitality of the inhabitants and the farms offering their reception services and their products.


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Clauiano from above
entering in Clauiano
San Marco Church    .
san marco church
san marco frescoes
clauiano in winter
bell tower san giorgio
fresco san martino
Stone arch
the village from above
foffani estate



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