Margherita Gabrielli was a painter, a philosopher, a professor of art and, above all, a great artist. She lived from 1916 to 2007 and showed very early an extraordinary natural talent.


In her studies at the Academy, her works reveal an original use of colours that creates lyrical and historical emotions, during the sad times preceding World War 2.


Then she studied and applied the Goethe theory of colours to her artwork and philosophical research at the same time, connecting human soul, religion and mythology, with a particular interest about the women condition as a source of physical and spiritual life.

Later in time she landed to deeply studying and making use of Rudolf Steiner philosophy, and played a leading role in that community as a teacher and pedagogue.

This approach completes her artistic cycle, that ends with mind blowing abstract paintings that perhaps compensate for inner spiritual unbalances.


From the last picture of the sequence, she seems to be looking back at all the colours of her life from a superior human dimension.

The complete anthology of Margherita Gabrielli is permanently shown at the exhibition in Clauiano.


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