The old property of Giovanni Foffani’s mother, Maria Teresa Calligaris, has origin in the XVI century and documented wine production since 1789.
The family residential house, facing the main square of the medieval village of Clauiano, is now protected by the Ministry of Fine Arts as an example of local architecture preceding the Venetian villas, that were built one century later.

In the backyard, the rural buildings are surrounded by a large garden that continues into the vineyards, in the flatland just below the Eastern Alpine chain.

Giovanni Foffani is now fully dedicated to vineyard growing and cellar operations, with his wife Elisabetta Missoni taking care of PR and reception management.

Their sons, Guglielmo and Lorenzo, help on the technical and communication side.

The new entry is little grandson Diego, in the photogallery with his first Christmas tree.

Nicoletta Gottardo and Massimiliano Vecchiato collaborate with passion in the activities and the achievements of the farm.
The other sections  of this site provide more information about the farm activities and products.


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Luigi and Letizia Foffani
Pietro Calligaris
Guglielmo and Maria Foffani
Maria, Giovanni and Paola Foffani
Giovanni Foffani
Giovanni and Elisabetta Foffani
Giovanni, Lorenzo, Elisabetta and Guglielmo
Diego, Lorenzo and Giulia Foffani
Azienda Foffani
Mosaics courtyard
old winepress



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