The medieval village of Clauiano is classified among the group of Best Rural Villages of Italy. Its foundation dates back to the XVI century, after the last Turkish invasion of Friuli. The village was originally made of three smaller sites, San Giorgio, San Martino and the corner of Piazza Giulia, direction Trivignano.

A couple of centuries later, the population expanded and formed a single larger village around the main square, that in origin was only a small lake for collection of raining waters.

Clauiano is known for the typical shape of the arches of its doors, that also often show in the middle a figure recalling the sun.

Several houses are worth visiting especially to see their courtyards, that often times are open in the back to the fields of the surrounding country.

In the main square of Clauiano, Azienda Agricola Foffani forms a very interesting structure, typical of an old farm preceding the Venetian villas, that ware built later.



Our offers to the visitor are:


Azienda Agricola Foffani
Visit to the winery
Agriturismo Antico Cantinone
Permanent exhibition I colori del Vino®




Clauiano dall'alto
entrando in paese
Chiesa di San Marco
chiesetta di san marco
affreschi di san marco
clauiano in inverno
campanile di san giorgio
affresco di san martino
il paese dall'alto
la proprieta' foffani
gli sbandieratori
le autorita'
la processione




Azienda Agricola Foffani is located in Clauiano, Friuli region, East of Venice. It belongs to our family since 1600, and has documented wine production since 1789. The house and its surrounding rural buildings are protected by the Italian Ministry of fine arts, as an example of local architecture preceding Venetian villas. The vineyards are located just nearby, behind the park. The village belongs to the special group of the most beautiful rural villages of Italy.
The visitor can taste our high quality wines in the agriturismo Antico Cantinone, spend a few nights and relax at our B&B Casa Antica Mosaici and visit our permanent exhibition I Colori del Vino.
Groups are welcome for guided tours to the cellars.
Our wine production has been renovated in the last years with the creation of the original and very successful dry White Merlot, a high class blanc de noir already sold locally, in Europe, Asia and America ( #drywhitemerlot ). Part of our portfolio are also Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Riserva, as well as the indigenous Friulano and Refosco and other wines with minor quantities.
Our wines are available for purchase at the farm premises, are distributed in several world markets

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